Saturday, December 21, 2013

Ford reveals the secrets of camouflaging the 2015 Mustang [video]

Company made a valiant effort but it still leaked ahead of schedule

The 2015 Ford Mustang was one of the worst kept secrets in the automotive industry but that hasn't stopped the company from congratulating themselves for trying to keep in under wraps.

As Mustang chief engineer Dave Pericak explains “Professional spy photographers have been stalking prototype cars for decades, and now, the addition of camera phones has made it even more critical to hide our cars from prying eyes.”

In order to keep the design a mystery, Ford developed an extensive camouflage package which helped to hide the shape of the car. However, Pericak says the first camo kit "wasn’t good enough to counter the paparazzi, so we went back to the drawing board."

In the end, Ford covered the entire body with black vinyl that had heavily padded foam underneath it. The camouflage added 49 pounds (22 kg) of weight to the car but the company feels like it was worth it since the first pictures of the 2015 Mustang were posted less than a day after its first test drive on public roads.


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