Thursday, April 30, 2015

Smart Vs. Mustang In A Drag Race: Video

In the world of drag racing, there are plenty of examples of "that guy." You know who I'm talking about - the guy with the supposedly sports car who dropped major coin to massage the exterior into a rolling banner ad of his own potential velocity. Sure, the bright and glossy body kit might make sense at the show-and-shine, but turn up at the strip looking like that, and you'd better have some serious firepower under the hood.

By comparison, there are relatively few sleepers out there. A car that looks slow but goes fast is just inherently cool - it's like stealth technology of the four-wheeled variety.

This Smart ForTwo is a sleeper. To make the jump from the commuter lane to the 1,320, the owner decided to slap on some super sticky tires and a huge amount of boost, blessing the ultra-light seats-in-a-box with the kind of wheel stands that would embarrass most muscle cars.

When asked why he wanted to create a Smart dragster, the owner replies with "stupidity, I guess." I'm thinking more mad-scientist insanity. But the proof is in the pudding - the ForTwo pulls a 13.9 on its first pass, but manages to cut that down to 12.53 on the second run.

You can't help but respect the guy for trying something different. It's inconspicuous and ridiculously effective, like a B2 bomber at high altitude.

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Smart Vs. Mustang In A Drag Race: Video originally appeared on on Friday, 3 April 2015 17:00 EST.

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